SEO demystified

What does SEO mean exactly?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization abbreviated.

With the digitization and democratization of WIFI and smartphones, we can access the internet at all hours of the day or night, with Google as our best ally in responding to all our requests.

And it is thanks to this that SEO exists! Indeed, a SEO campaign will enhance a website’s visibility on Google. Unfortunately it is still often absent from many companies’ digital strategies!

Decisive for developing a profitable website, since it will show your offer to your target audience, SEO can and should lead to more qualified traffic and customers.

SEO within online marketing

SEO is a service in its own right made up of various tools and facets.

The steps of a SEO strategy are very specific, and adapt to your needs and goals as a business! Discover a new way to develop your website and your business in an optimal and effective way!

Still young and constantly evolving, SEO is still unknown to a large part of professionals. SEO is the service encompassing all the techniques to improve the position of a website on the search engines.

Google’s top 10 results get the lion share of visibility and traffic, as most users do not check beyond page 1. In addition the first 3 results represent 60% of clicks. It is therefore essential to deploy an efficient SEO strategy in order to gain more visibility and visitors!

SEO strategies

The steps of a successful SEO strategy depend on understanding how Google rank websites and how users behave when searching for products or services.

Google results come from a complicated set of rules and algorithms that parse, analyze and classify websites according to their relevance, quality and authority. Such methodology is regularly updated by google, making it harder to maintain consistent rankings.

If you want to gain visibility via SEO, you need a precise knowhow in order to provide not just what Google is looking for, but also what users prefer to see.

Although algorithms are one of the main players in the success of an SEO strategy, relying solely on their criteria would be a mistake, because it is the users who will judge your site and its relevance in the first place!

This is why if the topic of SEO can be confusing, and the help of an SEO consultant can come in handy and help you establish an effective strategy for your website.

An SEO consultant will help you define each step of your SEO strategy and may even train you in certain SEO techniques, such as content writing.

The stages of an SEO strategy

The steps of a SEO strategy can be summarized in 4 main points:

  1. Competition analysis and study of keywords on which it is positioned
  2. Strategic choice of keywords to target, related to the client’s field of activity
  3. Writing content that will be relevant in terms of SEO and user experience (integration of keywords, provision of information, expertise, respect for the structure, etc.)
  4. Technical optimization of the website (page loading speed, code length, image weight, 404 errors, etc.)

Before anything, you need to know what type of SEO you want to use! There are indeed SEO and SEA. SEO is defined as described above, while Search Engine Advertising (SEA) corresponds to the purchase of ads on Google results pages.

Paid referencing, unlike natural referencing, will mainly play on acquiring high visibility with a specific target, over a short period.

SEA is one possibility that you can include in your strategy. It can be added to natural referencing.
However, it is much more effective in terms of acquiring notoriety. Natural referencing will also be an asset in developing your site both in terms of information and ergonomics!

The SEO methodology is intended to be complete and to combine different components of a site with each other in order to obtain a relevant and qualitative site from Google algorithms and users.

Every detail must be thought out and considered to give the best possible user experience, and establish a global vision of the site that will be relevant.

It is thanks to natural referencing and its tools that you will be able to position yourself as the first result of the Google results page.

Methodology for SEO

When it comes to knowing which methodology to use for SEO, you need to be specific because the best methodology is to not overlook any detail! Even the smallest category, or the tiniest of content, can impact your SEO. You can also reference and optimize your image and video content.

Nowadays, users are very fond of videos and images: faster and more dynamic than a long text to read, they will help you to give more relevance and ease of comprehension to your contents and the pages of your site. The visuals you use must be relevant and consistent with your content.

When it comes to videos, these are sorted and categorized the same way written content is. You will need to establish an appropriate title and description using the key expressions previously defined by your audit.

You will be able to transcribe the content of the video, or just transcribe the major ideas of the video. Either way, these techniques will help you gain more exposure and more engagement with your video content.

You can determine which topics you can discuss in video by analyzing the results of user queries. If a subject seems to be rather appreciated in a video format, you can then optimize the positions of your site on Google thanks to SEO and its specialized techniques for images and videos.