Epoxy Resin Countertops Deliver the Goods

Epoxy resin is one of the most durable countertop materials available on the market, and they made it that way for a reason: it is most frequently used for laboratory countertops and work surfaces. For those looking for the strongest and most chemically and thermally shock-resistant countertop, epoxy resin is the most natural choice.

A polymer substance often composed of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-A (in some epoxy resins, the bisphenol is replaced by similar compounds), epoxy resin can credit the strong covalent bonds between its molecules for its extreme durability. First synthesized by a Swiss and an American professor in 1936, after roughly a decade of attempts, epoxy resin has sold very well worldwide since its pre-wartime debut.

Epoxy resin is ubiquitous

It is now almost ubiquitous in every educational and professional laboratory setting. Despite its association with laboratory use, however, individual homeowners still do choose epoxy resin for their kitchen surfaces. It is inexpensive compared to some materials such as marble or granite, and its smooth, semi-matte black surface appeals to many.

Its synthesized molecules can be formed and cured in practically any shape or size, which makes it a natural choice for locations that require large or uniquely shaped surfaces. It is resistant to erosion by most chemicals, and is also highly moisture-resistant.

The non-porous surface makes a resin countertop very easy to clean, and to make it an even more attractive choice as a countertop material, epoxy resin is also resistant to physical impact. While most frequently the choice of laboratories, institutions such as hospitals, healthcare, and food service also press resin countertops into service to net the food safety and maintenance-level benefits they offer.

Individuals can benefit just as much: a parent of many children, for example, with many meals to make and limited time to clean up, could be served very well by the ease of an epoxy resin countertop.

A prime example of the genius of chemists who continually search for ways to make life more intuitive and hassle-free, epoxy resin is a material with a host of applications, covering work surfaces not the least among them.

Placing it in a laboratory would guarantee a smooth, safe, and resistant surface, and placing it in a home would guarantee all of the above, plus a sleek, sophisticated finish that goes with most color schemes. Epoxy resin countertops are, indeed, some of the most versatile.

Epoxy resin in restaurants

If there is one aspect of maintenance that restaurants and other commercial concerns have over the average household, it is the strength of material necessary to handle massive abuse.

The next time you saddle up the bar at your favorite watering hole, take a minute to note the bar top itself. If it’s wood, and looks a lot better than your counter top at home, take another minute to ask yourself: why?

Bar top epoxy is one of the coolest innovations to come out of the adhesive and coating industry in a long time, and for some reason, it has been largely confined to commercial interests. The common home doesn’t take nearly the abuse that a restaurant might on a day to day basis, though there are a few tired mothers out there who would beg to differ.

But a product like bar top epoxy makes such a difference, and can provide such a beautiful end result that it’s hard to believe more people wouldn’t jump at the chance to implement something along these lines in their own homes.

Not only is the finish absolutely gorgeous, it’s also practically indestructible. The added bonus of being easy to install makes it a no-brainer. Most people hear “epoxy” and are scared off, but bar top epoxies are self-leveling. Sort of like a set it and forget it type of installation; hard to argue with that.

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